Timing is everything when it comes to acquiring real property for your business or investment needs.  Our services become more effective when you contract with a Logical Move representative early in the game.  WE'VE GOT ACCESS TO PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LISTING ENGINES AND DATABASES.  An ample search period is vital to a confident determination of market capability and a successful negotiation.  We suggest at least a 12 month head start prior to your lease expiration or purchase date.  Call today to discover how our services will help you with strategic planning, business licenses, occupancy permits, site selection, corporate tax incentives, title insurance, architectural design, demographics, green building incentives, rental rate analysis, workforce commutes, telecommunication options, and even office furniture installation and moving companies.

Logical Move is a real estate brokerage. Your representative will be a licensed adviser who specializes in protecting buyers and tenants.  Unless other consultation arrangements have been made, our fees are paid by the seller or landlord based on an existing transactional commission agreement associated with the lease or purchase of your new facility.  What does that mean for your commercial property acquisition?  It means that you receive the benefits of our fiduciary promise, our comprehensive market information, and our relationships in the industry AT NO COST!  You have nothing to lose by letting our experience work for you!
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